Marine Solar Panels & Accessories

High efficiency monocrystalline marine solar panels for clean & silent energy onboard.
Semi flexible options for deck mounting and light weight flexible options for mounting on sprayhoods and biminis.
We only offer the highest quality products from 
Solbian, Solara & Sunware.
318.49 ex. VAT  271.90 ex. VAT   329.00 (-15%)
The Solara M-Series marine solar panels. Building on 20 years success with the original series, Solara has redesigned the M-Series for...
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352.10 ex. VAT  318.18 ex. VAT   385.00 (-10%)
The Solara S-Series Vision solar panels have been designed from the beginning for extreme conditions both on water and on land, from intense tropical heat...
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587.39 ex. VAT  528.10 ex. VAT   639.00 (-10%)
The Solara Power S-Series solar panels feature SunPower back contact monocrystalline solar cells with an incredible 23% efficiency for maximum daily yield....
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200.00 ex. VAT  180.99 ex. VAT   219.00 (-10%)
Flexible solar panel with built in MPPT regulator, just connect the output cable to your batteries! Innovative solar solution from Solbian. The...
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360.00 ex. VAT  321.49 ex. VAT   389.00 (-11%)
The most rugged solar panel from Solbian, unmatched durability on flexible surfaces. Lightweight, flexible solar panels can be installed on...
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416.00 ex. VAT  353.72 ex. VAT   428.00 (-15%)
Ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-efficient and flexible, 24% efficiency! Top of the Solbian range, the Solbian SunPower solar panels use back-contact...
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380.00 ex. VAT  338.02 ex. VAT   409.00 (-11%)
Ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-efficient and flexible, HJT solar cells with over 23% efficiency! The new SXX series flexible solar panels...
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646.22 ex. VAT  552.89 ex. VAT   669.00 (-14%)
Now even more power - over 23% efficiency and up to 150W. Maximum performance even under extreme conditions with low and diffused light. Designed and...
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30.00 ex. VAT  29.75 ex. VAT   36.00 (-1%)
Solbian Factory Fitted Mounting Options (Available when ordering Solbian Solar Panels) Structural Adhesive Backing Suitable...
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16.49 ex. VAT   19.95
Replacement cell protector for the Solara M-series semi flexible solar panels.
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9.05 ex. VAT   10.95
High quailty single core tinned extension cable with MC4 (PV-ST01) quick connect plugs for solar panels. The cables have 1 x Male MC4 plug and 1 x...
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27.23 ex. VAT   32.95
DC-Connect C Simple solution for connecting removeable solar panels onboard. DC-Connect C form Solara features a thick walled (13 mm outside diameter)...
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