Solar Regulators & Displays

Tried & tested PVM charge controllers for reliable and safe battery charging. 

With a MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking regulator you can obtain up to 30% or more power output form the same solar panels. 
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Remote digital display compatible with the Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT and Sunsaver Duo solar regulators. The Remote Meter can be installed either flush...
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A competitively priced advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) solar regulator/ battery charger with remote display option. Morningstar’s SunSaver Duo™ is...
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Available in three versions of the panel mount model, the FOX-150/E, FOX-250/E and FOX-350/E and three versions of the surface mount model, the FOX-150,...
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The FOX-220 and FOX-320 are programmable surface mount charge regulators, which can be used either independently or with the FOX MD1 remote programmable...
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20 Amp Solar Regulator with built in LCD graphical display, keypad and control panel. Next generation solar regulators from Sunware. Designed for...
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Large LCD remote display and control unit for the Sunware Fox 220 and Fox 320 solar regulators. Suitable for both panel mounting and surface mounting up to...
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The FOX-D1 Digital display is a simple and attractive digital ammeter and voltmeter ideal for monitoring battery condition as well as amps in and out...
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Remote temperature sensor for use with the Sunsaver MPPT and Sunsaver Duo Solar regulators. Recommended when battery temperature varies by more then 5º C...
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