Rigging Tension Gauges

Contrary to popular thought, a slack rig is more punishing on a hull than a properly adjusted tight rig. Insufficient tension can lead to shock loading resulting in damage to spars and rigging or even personal injury and optimum sail trim will be unobtainable.

With a rig tension gauge you will be able to measure rig tension accurately for quick and repeatable tuning achieving better sail trim and increased boat speed.

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The bigger brother of the Loos & Co. Professional wire tension gauges the RT10M and RT11M are specifically designed for rod rigging and higher...
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With the Loos & Co. Professional model tension gauges you will be able to measure accurately rig tension for quick and repeatable tuning. Each model...
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A new rig tension gauge from Spinlock for both wire and high performance fibre rope. Rig-Sense is simple to use, measuring the tension directly in kg....
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