SunWare have been making solar panels and regulators in Germany for over twenty years. Their panels are designed and tested specifically for use in marine environments and salt water, they are completely maintenance free, durable, and weatherproof even under extreme exposure whether in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the North Sea. All 12V solar panels are designed with 39 cells or 40 cells, consequently, they can be fitted without rear ventilation. Any voltage drop due to high outside temperatures is compensated by the 3 additionally integrated cells to enable full output.
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The FOX-D1 Digital display is a simple and attractive digital ammeter and voltmeter ideal for monitoring battery condition as well as amps in and out...
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Available in three versions of the panel mount model, the FOX-150/E, FOX-250/E and FOX-350/E and three versions of the surface mount model, the FOX-150,...
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The FOX-220 and FOX-320 are programmable surface mount charge regulators, which can be used either independently or with the FOX MD1 remote programmable...
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Black plastic fixing clips for Sunware and Solara semi flexible marine solar panels. Provides an alternative to drilling through the panel and/or as...
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20 Amp Solar Regulator with built in LCD graphical display, keypad and control panel. Next generation solar regulators from Sunware. Designed for...
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Large LCD remote display and control unit for the Sunware Fox 220 and Fox 320 solar regulators. Suitable for both panel mounting and surface mounting up to...
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