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Radio Beacon Registration

Do I have to register my PLB or EPIRB?

Yes, although an unregistered radio beacon still transmits a signal and can be located if activated, it could be considered a false alarm and will delay or even stop a rescue operation from being initiated. The beacon registration details provides all the contact details needed by the authorities to quickly establish whether or not the alert is valid and ensures a quick response in case of an emergency. 

Can I register a PLB to an individual rather than a vessel.

Yes, although many countries have still not implemented personal registration, some already allow this, including the UK. Both UK and foreign citizens can register a PLB through the MCA web page providing individual registration has not been approved in the citizens own country. Personal registration is now also permited for land use, allowing a single PLB to be used for various diferent activities. 

How do I register a PLB radio beacon

PLBs and EPIRBS are shipped pre-programmed with a 15 digit identification number. This number can be used to register the beacon. In the case of the UK please see the MCA EPIRB Registration page. Please note that the radio beacon needs no further programming.

Is the process the same for registering a PLB or EPIRB to a vessel.

In the case of the UK, yes. However, many countries have different procedures and requirements. Some countries require that the PLB or EPIRB be re-progrrmmed with the MMSI number of the vessel before being registered. 

Our radio beacon prices include re-programming if required. Please use the following form to provide full details for this service. We recommended that you consult your local authorities for full details of the requirements.

Only fields marked with an asterisk are required for registration to an individual.