Plastimo LifeJackets

With over 40 Years experience, Plastimo safety products have set the standard for quality and durability, essential for those of us serious about safety. Available in 150N and 275N, Manual, Automatic and Hammer versions with built in harness.

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Suitable for both recreational navigation and for professional or industrial applications where maximum buoyancy is essential. 290N of buoyancy exceeds the...
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156.16 ex. VAT   188.95
Designed for bluewater sailing and racing where extended use over longer periods is essential. The Plastimo SL180 features a 3D shape for maximum comfort....
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75.99 ex. VAT   91.95
Updated and redesigned, the new Plastimo Pilot with built in harness has an elegant and modern design. Both flexible and body-hugging providing a perfect...
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