Gleistein Ropes

Established in Bremen in 1824, the Gleistein group has become a world leader in the manufacture of ropes and lines, with two of the world's most modern factories. Producing over 5000 diferent types of rope from those tried and tested thousands of times over decades to those individually designed and manufactured. Sophisticated production, the best quality materials and the highest attention to detail combine to produce a very high quality product.

We have been using gleistien ropes for the last ten years and absolutely recommend them.

Gleistein Cup - as good as it gets with polyester fibre, due to the zero constructional stretch of its parallel fibre core.

Gleistein Gemini-X - Soft to handle yet tough high-grade polyester. The perfect line for sheets.

3.26 ex. VAT   3.94
High quality polyester whipping twine from Gleistein for perfect splicing and seizing. After the splicing is complete, pour on hot water and the...
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1.48 ex. VAT  1.36 ex. VAT   1.65 (-8%)
Universal line with low/medium elasticity - 2% at 10% break load and only 7% at 50% break load. Long lasting and flexible universal line at an...
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1.07 ex. VAT   1.29
High-grade polyester sheet with outstanding performance and optimal abrasion resistance. Low/Medium elasticity -  2% at 10% breakload and 9% at...
3 days

1.15 ex. VAT  0.94 ex. VAT   1.14 (-18%)
The lowest stretch possible in a Polyester fibre rope due to the zero constructional stretch of its parallel fibre core. Gleistein Cup is as good as it...
3 days

2.53 ex. VAT  2.39 ex. VAT   2.89 (-6%)
High performance Dyneema line at a competitive price, specifically designed for the cruising sailor. Low elasticity of only 1.4% at 10% break load and...
3 days

2.40 ex. VAT  2.37 ex. VAT   2.87 (-1%)
An all-rounder at the highest level - elongation similar to steel cable and maximum life expectancy. Very low elasticity only 0.7% at 10% break load...
3 days

1.59 ex. VAT   1.92
Pure Dyneema, for ultimate performance with less than 2% elongation at 50% break load and incredibly light. As strong as wire rope at less than 15% of...
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