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Replacement CAM for the Spinlick XA and XAS series Powerclutches. Suitable for lines from 06-12mm in diameter.
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Set of two replacement side panels for the XA range of Powerclutches
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A complete re-arming kit suitable for the Spinlock Hammar lifejackets . The kit includes: 1 x 33 or 60 gram CO2 gas cylinder  1 x Hammar...
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166.90 ex. VAT   201.95
Ultra lightweight, low profile and comfortable, the Spinlock Deckvest LITE & LITE+ lifejackets feature 170N buoyancy, Prosensor automatic inflation and...
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Simple self-aligning stainless steel and composite guide ideal for control lines and perfect for keeping long line runs tidy and clear of possible...
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Ultra compact low profile roller action camcleat for easy release of high performance control lines and mainsheets. Alloy cam and base surfaces and...
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Much smaller than a Powerclutch yet more powerful than a clam cleat, the SUA Mini Jammer is compatible with line diameters from 6 - 10mm and a safe working...
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8.67 ex. VAT   10.49
New solution for low loaded lines, either fitted alone or double stacked onto new T25 organisers. Using the successful stainless steel and composite...
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155.33 ex. VAT   187.95
A new rig tension gauge from Spinlock for both wire and high performance fibre rope. Rig-Sense is simple to use, measuring the tension directly in kg....
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Universal multi role clutch with excellent performance across a wide range of rope diameters. Ideal for racing yachts up to 27’ and cruising yachts up to...
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Simple, safe, compact design. The Spinlock WL/1 is supplied with fastenings to attach to standard 25mm stanchions.  WL/1 for intermediate, straight...
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Mid load Power clutch specified as standard on production yachts worldwide. An ideal choice for larger cruising and racing yachts both inshore and...
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