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Whether you are heading offshore or you are planning a long distance cruise, keeping a winch service kit on board will allow winch maintenance without searching for spare parts. Andersen Winch Service Kits use authentic factory replacement parts and include all the crucial spare parts necessary for optimal maintenance. Andersen recommend cleaning, greasing and inspection of all moving parts every 2 years. Under extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, maintenance is recommended every year.

Service kits include: screws, pawls, springs, balls, seal and circlips for optimum maintenance.

Service kits are model specific: 

Kit Ref. Suitable for Winches
Service Kit 1 RA710001  12ST, 28ST, 40ST, 40ST FS - 2006 and earlier
Service Kit 2 RA710002  46ST 1982 - 1993
Service Kit 3 RA710003  56ST, 66ST
Service Kit 4 RA710004  10, 16, 28, 40, 46
Service Kit 5 RA710005  56
Service Kit 6 RA710006  Basic Kit for Standard Winches
Service Kit 7 RA710007  78ST - 10/2005 and later
Service Kit 8 RA710008  52ST
Service Kit 9 RA710009  110ST, 110ST FS
Service Kit 10 RA710010  20 x Pawl Springs
Service Kit 11 RA710011  46ST 1993 - 1996
Service Kit 12 RA710012  58ST, 62ST
Service Kit 13 RA710013  68ST, 72ST
Service Kit 14 RA710014  90, 91, 92
Service Kit 15 RA710015  100, 101, 102
Service Kit 16 RA710016  6
Service Kit 17  RA710017  46ST FS - 1993-07/2006
Service Kit 18  RA710018  12ST, 18ST, 28ST, 12ST FS, 18ST FS, 28ST FS - 2006 and later
Service Kit 19  RA710019  46ST v.4.0 - 08/2006 and later
Service Kit 20 RA710020 Line Tender kit
Service Kit 21 RA710021 52ST, 52ST FS v.3.0 - 08/2009 and later

To find your winch manufacture date and version, simply remove the stainless drum.

The date is stamped on the deck base plate.

Andersen Winch Model & Year


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