Solbian Sun Power Flexible Marine Solar Panels

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Ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-efficient and flexible!Sun Power Solar Cells

Top of the Solbian range, the Solbian SunPower solar panels use back-contact crystalline silicon cells for an incredible efficiency of over 22.5%, the most advanced technology available on the market today. Incredibly the highest output 142w panel weighs only 2Kg and is only 2mm thick and due to its flexible backing and multiple installation options and accessories, can be installed almost anywhere on board, if installed on a rigid surface they can be walked on without damage.

Encapsulated in a unbreakable weatherproof protective plastic film for installation with up to 25% curvature. Tried and tested in the most extreme conditions from offshore round the world racing to remote expeditions.

  • 5 year limited power warranty
  • 2 year limited product warranty

Available in 51w, 76w, 102w, 112w and 125w versions.

Model SP-125L SP-112L SP-112Q SP-100L SP-75 SP-50L SP-50Q
Peak Power Pmax 125W 112W 112W 102W 76W 51W 51W
Nº of Cells 40 36 36 32 24 16 16
Rated Voltage Vmp 22V 19.7V 19.7V 18V 13.4V 9V 9V
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 27V 24V 24V 22V   11V 11V
Rated Current Imp 5.7A 5.7A 5.7A 5.7A 5.7A 5.7A 5.7A
Short Circuit Current Isc 6.1A 6.1A 6.1A 6.1A   6.1A 6.1A
Dimensions mm 1363 X 546 1236 x 546 855 x 800 1109 x 546 855 x 546 1109 x 292 601 x 546
Thickness mm 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Weight Kg 1.7 1.6 1.6 1.4 1.1 0.8 0.8

Due to the lower voltage of the 50w panels, please check compatibility with your solar regulator.

We recommend the Western Co WMarine MPPT & Genasun GV-BOOST MPPT Controllers.

Solbian Junction Box

Junction Box

Panel Prices include a junction box and cables to allow connection to the solar regulator. Panels can also be supplied without a junction box with soldering ribbons (back strip connection) where a completely flush installation is required. Extended cable lengths are also available.

Contact us for details.

Factory Fitted Mounting Options

Stainless Steel EyeletsSolbian Sun Power with Stainless Steel Eyelets

Fitted to the edge of the panel, eyelets allow easy installation and removal ideal allowing the panel to be secured by lines to the deck house, guard rails and Biminis. Ideal for non-permanent installations.

TenaxSolbian Sun Power Tenax Option

Probably the most versatile option. Tenax "button" fasteners offer a secure grip on the the lower male fitting, which is available either as a threaded stud/screw for mounting on fibreglass and wood or with a fabric option for attaching to Bimini and covers. The advantage of Tenax is that the male fitting can be installed easily on board without removing the bimini for sewing. A panel can also be moved easily from one location to another. Price includes 4 Tenax clips. 

ZippersSolbian Sun Power Zipper Option

Sewn into the panel, the zipper option is perfect for use with Biminis and other awnings allowing a semi permanent installation which is also easy to remove.

29.75 ex. VAT   36.00
Solbian Factory Fitted Mounting Options (Available when ordering Solbian Solar Panels) Structural Adhesive Backing Suitable...
10 days

177.69 ex. VAT   215.00
10 AMP MPPT Solar Regulator with Buck Boost for low voltage solar panels. The Western Co. WMarine 10 is a versatile MPPT controller suitable for use...
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123.14 ex. VAT   149.00
8 AMP MPPT Solar Regulator with Boost for lower voltage solar panels. Most solar charge controllers require a higher voltage panel to charge a...
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9.05 ex. VAT   10.95
1 Metre 4mm2
High quailty single core tinned extension cable with MC4 (PV-ST01) quick connect plugs for solar panels. The cables have 1 x Male MC4 plug and 1...
In stock

23.97 ex. VAT   29.00
Dual socket MC4-Y connectors allow two solar panels to be connected in parallel and feature quick connect male and female plugs. Suitable for use with...
In stock

28.51 ex. VAT   34.50
Polished stainless steel deck plate with male and female (positive & negative) MC4 connectors. Elegant solution for easily installing solar panels...
7 days

6.20 ex. VAT   7.50
Waterproof 10 amp quick connect MC4 connector with built in diode. Perfect for quick installation of multiple solar panels with MC4 connectors. Male and...
7 days

Solbian SP-50Q Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-50Q_Datasheet_English001.pdf, 480 Kb) [Download]

Solbian SP-50Q Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-50L_Datasheet_English.pdf, 487 Kb) [Download]

Solbian SP-100L Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-100L_Datasheet_English.pdf, 512 Kb) [Download]

Solbian SP-112Q Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-112Q_Datasheet_English.pdf, 334 Kb) [Download]

Solbian SP-112L Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-112L_Datasheet_English.pdf, 344 Kb) [Download]

Solbian SP-125L Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-125L_Datasheet_English.pdf, 462 Kb) [Download]

Solbian SP-137L Datasheet English (Solbian_SP-137L_Datasheet_English.pdf, 485 Kb) [Download]

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