Solara M-Series Semi Flexible Marine Solar Panels

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Thin, lightweight and rugged semi flexible marine solar panels.

Solara solar panelsThe Solara M-series marine solar panels are one of the most popular panels available. As used aboard KingFisher and many other boats in world class events. The super flat M series were specially developed for marine use not only on yachts but on buoys, life-rafts and marine industrial applications, they can definitely be considered tried and tested.

Reliable, zero maintenance and easy installation 
- Solara panels are manufactured in Germany, the high performance solar cells are encapsulated in a seawater proof EVA protective layer, designed to be maintenance free and to withstand the rigors of marine use. All panels above model S80M36 include an external (for mounting below decks) cell protector for hot spot protection. They can simply be screwed or glued onto solid surfaces allowing easy and low cost installation, when installed on a solid surface they can be walked on without risk of damage.

Our recommendation for deck and coach house installations - 
Due to their rugged design and textured surface, we recommend the Solara M series for deck and coach house installations. They industry standard voltage output allows them to be used with almost all the regulators we offer.

Available in 36  cell, and 42 cell models, the 42 cell models provide higher output in difficult conditions such as diffused light and during autumn and winter months.

Solara M SeriesPanel features: 

  • Semi flexible - only 2mm thick, can be installed on surfaces with up to 3% curvature
  • Robust - with a double powder coated backing plate made of stainless steel, these panels can be walked on, if installed on a solid surface.
  • Resistant – sea water resistant due to protective embedding of the solar cells. Dirt repelling high tech surface.
  • Thin - flat cable outlet optimized for maritime use
  • Efficient - highest energy output even in diffuse light conditions and months with little light incidence  

Available with 36 solar cells in 12 to 68 watt versions for 12v systems.












Power in Watts 12 23 34 45 68
No of Solar Cells 36 36 36 36 35
Output Voltage Maximum Power Vmp 19v 19v 19v 19v 19v
Voltage Open Circuit Voc 22.6v 22.6v 22.6v 22.6v 22.6v
Amps at Max power Imp 0.63 1.21 1.78 2.36 3.67
Dimensions in mm 445 x 267 440 x 460 590 x 460 756 x 460  800 x 646 
Weight KG 1.3 2.0 3.1 3.75 5.4

Available with 42 solar cells in 25 to 70 watt versions for 12v systems. 










Power in Watts 25 35 50 70
No of Solar Cells 42 42 42 42
Output Voltage Maximum Power Vmp 20.7v 19.7v 21.2v 19.5v
Output Voltage Open Circuit Voc 25.7v 25.7v 25.7v 25.7v
Amps at Maximum Power Imp 1.21 1.78 2.36 3.60
Dimensions in mm 353 x 360 471 x 660 592 x 660 823 x 660
Weight KG 2.6 3.5 4.4 5.9

Solara Semi Flexible Marine Solar Panels

Solara M-Series Profi DataSheet EN (solara-m-series-premium-datasheet-en-de.pdf, 407 Kb) [Download]

Solara M-Series Premium DataSheet EN (solara-m-series-premium-datasheet-en-de_bzmi-f1.pdf, 407 Kb) [Download]

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