Air-X Marine 400w Wind Generator

Now available with Silent Power Blades
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Primus Windpower
Manufactured in Colorado, USA by Primus Windpower

The Air Series small wind generators are by far the world’s best-selling wind generators with over 135,000 units sold worldwide. The Air-X Marine was relaunched by Primus Windpower in 2012 due to high demand. The Air-X has an incredible 400w output squeezed into a small lightweight body with built in charge controller. It is recommended in areas with higher wind speeds and is specifically designed for use in marine environments whether on yachts, buoys, coastal or industrial installations. The heavy-duty design, a 5 year warranty and a full list of available spare parts makes the Air-X marine a sound investment and is still a favourite among sailors.

Air-X Marine
Less than 6 kilos
The Air-X weighs less than 6 kilos, compared to as much as 20 kilos with other 400w models. Weight is important as it simplifies installation by requiring less support and can be mounted on a pole on the stern or attached to an arch.

The Sailors Choice
The Air-X marine has a powder coated marine grade aluminium body for maximum corrosion resistance and has been a favorite among sailors since its introduction, probably the most widely used generator on sailing boats.

Optimized for higher Wind Speeds
At the factory setting of 14.1 volts (12 volt model) adjustable for different battery types, the Air-X can produce over 25 amps with a little over 20 knots of apparent wind, conditions which when sailing upwind are not uncommon. For constant high wind areas such as the trade wind regions we can expect 128 - 260 Ah/day with wind speeds from 15 - 20 Knots.

Built-in Charge Regulator
The Air-X Marine features a sophisticated built in charge regulator allowing connection directly to the batteries (circuit breaker or fuse is recommended) with a LED indication light on the bottom of the unit. The light turns on when the unit is charging and flashes when the internal regulator senses that the batteries are charged.

Now available with Silent Power Blades
All the advantages of the Air-X Marine and now with the ultra silent performance of the Silent Power Blades. The Silent-X is supplied standard with a balanced set of Silent Power Blades in place of the original Air-X blades.

See the results of real world testing in the Caribbean

Silent-X Marine

Compare these figures to other units:

Air X Marine Stop Switch * Includes a three position stop switch *

Recommended fuse 40 Amps (12v model) - See the Blue Sea Systems Bussman 40 Amp
Technical Specifications 
    • 1.17 m Rotor Diameter
    • Weight 5.85Kg
    • Shipping Weight - 7.7 kg  686 x 318 x 229 mm
    • Mount 1.9 inch (48.3mm) outside diamter pipe
    • Start-Up Wind Speed 8 mph (3.58 m/s)
    • 12, 24, and 48 VDC Versions 
    • Rated Power 400 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)
    • 38 kWh /month at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)
    • Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking
    • Cast aluminum powder coated body
    • 3-Carbon fiber composite Blades 
    • Electronic torque control Overspeed Protection 
    • 110 mph (49.2 m/s) Survival Wind Speed
    • 5 year limited warranty

Air X Marine Dimensions


238.84 ex. VAT   289.00
High-tech carbon fibre rotor blades for the Silentwind and Air Series* wind generators. Silent Power Blades ( SPB ) were designed by a German...
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197.52 ex. VAT   239.00
Circuit replacement kit for reparing the internal regulator / circuit of the Air-X wind generator. Includes full instructions (see the attachments tab)...
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53.68 ex. VAT   64.95
Replacement blade hub for the Air-X Marine & Air-X Land wind generator from Primus & Southwest Windpower.
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114.88 ex. VAT   139.00
A set of 3 original replacement blades for the Air X Marine or the Air X land from Primus & Southwest Windpower. See the Silent Power Blades...
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15.70 ex. VAT   19.00
Original replacement nose cone for the Air X Marine wind generator from both Primus & Southwest Windpower.
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202.48 ex. VAT   245.00
Stainless Steel hardware for stern mounting the Air-X and Air Breeze Marine generator. Includes: 1 x Tilting Mast Base 2 x Saddle...
7 days
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19.01 ex. VAT   23.00
Replacement nose cone for the Silentwind marine wind generator. Also suitable as an upgrade for the Air-X wind generator (see note). Compatible with both...
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53.68 ex. VAT   64.95
Replacement blade hub for Silentwind marine generator from Spreco. Also compatible with the Air-X Marine and Air-X land and suitable for installing Silent...
Temporarily out of stock

37.60 ex. VAT   45.50
Replacement 50 amp “break then make” stop switch recommended for installation of the Southwest Windpower Air X and Air Breeze wind generators. A stop...
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10.70 ex. VAT   12.95
Replacement 5/8-18 nut for securing the blade hub on the Primus & Southwest Windpower Air-X and Air Breeze wind generators.
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SpecSheet_Silent_X_and_Breeze_Marine (SpecSheet_Silent_X_and_Breeze_Marine_2015.pdf, 2,424 Kb) [Download]

Air X Manual English (Primus_Air_X_Owners_Manual.pdf, 7,484 Kb) [Download]

Air Manual de Usuario ES (AIR_Manual-Spanish.pdf, 3,943 Kb) [Download]

Air Manuel du Propriétaire FR (Primus_Air_Manual_French.pdf, 2,338 Kb) [Download]

Air Manuali di Instruzione IT (Primus_Air_Manual_Italian.pdf, 2,327 Kb) [Download]

Air Manual do Proprietário PT (AIR_Manual-Portuguese.pdf, 3,944 Kb) [Download]

Air Betriebsanleitung DE (Primus_Air_Manual_German.pdf, 2,338 Kb) [Download]

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