Air Breeze Marine 200w Wind Generator

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Primus Windpower
Manufactured in Colorado, USA by Primus Windpower

The fifth generation of the Air series wind generators which have sold more than 150,000 units worldwide, the world’s best-selling wind turbines. The new generation Air Breeze has has been designed for longer life, better output and quieter performance. It is recommended for areas of low to moderate wind  speeds and in can actually generate more power than 400w wind generators over the same period of time. The Air has a lower start up speed and produces more energy in low to mid wind speeds which for some areas such as the mediterranean are more common, over a period of time it there produces more energy than 400w wind generators optimized for higher wind speeds.

Air comparison power curve
Key updates and features

  • Mechanical and software refinements to alleviate stress, heat buildup and improper signal control. Prevents overheating and cracking.
  • Optimized software contributes to more consistent energy output
  • Better component spacing allows for better temperature circulation
  • Higher temperature rated components protects circuitry
  • New triple-layer anti-corrosive aircraft quality paint
  • Less opportunity for radio interference
  • Green signal LED differentiates from the original
  • 5 year warranty

Less than 6 kilos - As with its predecessor, the New Air Breeze weighs less than 6 kilos with an integrated electronic charge controller allowing simple installation. Performance and good looks are other reasons why the Air Breeze Marine is a top choice among sailors. Another big reason is energy output. Whether you need power for refrigeration units, auto-pilots, water makers, lights, navigational devices or communications gear, the Air Breeze Marine and a good wind can handle the load.

Air Breeze Marine Wind GeneratorLess variable power curve than its predecessor and competition - The software of the New Air Breeze has been optimized for a more consistent energy ouput throughout the wind range but particularly for lower wind speeds and the start up speed has been reduced. In many areas, wind speed varies throughout the day and drops at night reducing the average daily or monthly wind considerably. High wind speeds are rare and short-lived and when anchored we try our best to find a sheltered spot. The New Air Breeze has been optimized for a lower start up speed and higher performance at lower wind speeds and despite a 200w maximum output can outperform even 400w units. By comparing the figures below,  we can see that at 7 knots average wind speed the New Air Breeze considerably outperforms the Air-X becoming equal at about 15 knots. For areas with lower wind speeds we recommend the Air Breeze as a cost effective, lightweight unit with simple installation. 

See the Results of Real world testing in the Caribbean


Air Breeze Power Output

Compare these figures to other units:

Air-X Marine 400w

Silentwind 400+

Silent Power Blades

Air X Marine Stop Switch * The Air Breeze Marine includes a three position stop switch *

Technical Specifications

  • 1.15 m Rotor Diameter
  • Weight 5.85Kg
  • Shipping Weight - 7.7 kg  686 x 318 x 228 mm 
  • Mount 1.9 inch (48.3mm) outside diamter pipe
  • Start-Up Wind Speed  4.3 knots (2.2 m/s)
  • 12, 24, and 48 VDC Versions 
  • Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking
  • Cast aluminum powder coated body
  • Injection-molded composite
  • Electronic torque control Overspeed Protection 
  • 110 mph (49.2 m/s) Survival Wind Speed
  • 5 year warranty

Air Breeze Marine Dimensions

164.46 ex. VAT   199.00
Elegant flush mount control and monitoring panel for the Air Breeze & Air-X Wind Generators. The Primus Windpower Wind Control Panel provides...
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238.84 ex. VAT   289.00
High-tech carbon fibre rotor blades for the Silentwind and Air Series* wind generators. Silent Power Blades ( SPB ) were designed by a German...
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53.68 ex. VAT   64.95
Replacement blade hub for Silentwind marine generator from Spreco. Also compatible with the Air-X Marine and Air-X land and suitable for installing Silent...
7 days
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202.48 ex. VAT   245.00
Stainless Steel hardware for stern mounting the Air-X and Air Breeze Marine generator. Includes: 1 x Tilting Mast Base 2 x Saddle...
7 days
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17.77 ex. VAT   21.50
Original replacement nose cone for the Air Breeze Marine and Air Breeze  Land wind generators. Available in grey and white.
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37.60 ex. VAT   45.50
Replacement 50 amp “break then make” stop switch recommended for installation of the Southwest Windpower Air X and Air Breeze wind generators. A stop...
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114.88 ex. VAT   139.00
A set of 3 original replacement blades for the Air Breeze wind generator. Suitable for both the original Air Breeze and New Generation Air Breeze.
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197.52 ex. VAT   239.00
Circuit replacement kit for reparing the internal regulator  /circuit of the Air Breeze wind generator. Includes full instructions (see the Manuals...
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53.68 ex. VAT   64.95
Black anodised replacement blade hub for the Air Breeze Marine wind generator from Primus & Southwest Windpower.
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10.70 ex. VAT   12.95
Replacement 5/8-18 nut for securing the blade hub on the Primus & Southwest Windpower Air-X and Air Breeze wind generators.
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Air Manual English (Air_Manual_English.pdf, 3,019 Kb) [Download]

Air Manual de Usuario ES (AIR_Manual-Spanish.pdf, 3,943 Kb) [Download]

Air Manuel du Propriétaire FR (Primus_Air_Manual_French.pdf, 2,338 Kb) [Download]

Air Manuali di Instruzione IT (Primus_Air_Manual_Italian.pdf, 2,327 Kb) [Download]

Primus Air Manual do Proprietário PT (AIR_Manual-Portuguese.pdf, 3,944 Kb) [Download]

Air Betriebsanleitung DE (Primus_Air_Manual_German.pdf, 2,338 Kb) [Download]

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