Anchoring & Mooring

Many production boats include an anchor which just meets the requirements for safe anchoring. While this is not a problem for day stops in good conditons, in areas with poor holding and when anchoring in all types of weather, getting a good night' s sleep depends on the right ground tackle. Cruising yachts spend the majority of time at anchor. For a complete overhaul of your ground tackle, please see our choice of the High Performance Raya Anchor, the Kong Chain Gripper, the Kong Swivelling Anchor Connector and the innovative Ankarolina Flat Anchor Rode.

21.65 ex. VAT   26.20
Manufactured in Germany by Ketten Wälder GmbH. Cromox® calibrated windlass Grade 60 (AISI 316 L) anchor chain is manufactured to the highest standards...
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Minimum quantity: 20.

27.10 ex. VAT   32.79
Short length of uncalibrated polished AISI 316 (A4) stainless steel chain ideal for attaching mooring lines to bollards and rings in port. Protects mooring...
7 days

56.98 ex. VAT   68.95
UCG06, Ultra Marine
Polished AISI 316 Stainless steel chain grab for quickly taking the load of the ground tackle. The slot slides over the chain and the line can be taken to...
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111.53 ex. VAT   134.95
Quick deploy flat anchor line and reel. An innovative concept for anchoring, mooring or docking, Ankarolina provides immediate access to a high...
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9.00 ex. VAT   10.89
Top quality patented stainless steel 316L shackles from Wichard. Flush fitting Allen head on the pin avoids snagging and damage often caused by traditional...
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29.71 ex. VAT   35.95
Chafe-Pro®’s Line Protectors have a single layer of heavy-grade black nylon with velcro along both edges allowing quick fitting to lines.  Lines do not...
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3.63 ex. VAT   4.39
Top quality patented stainless steel 316L shackles from Wichard.  The shackle features indentations which lock the pin into position when full screwed into...
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8.01 ex. VAT   9.69
Top quality forged stainless steel 316L snap hooks (carabiners) from Wichard.  Exceptional working and breaking loads with CE marking and Wichard logo...
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1.07 ex. VAT   1.29
Durable and flexible 3 strand HT continuous filament Polyester mooring line. Medium elasticity 13.5% at 50% breakload. Available in white,...
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Minimum quantity: 5.

24.75 ex. VAT   29.95
Also known as the Ratcholina, the Spannolina from the same manufacturer as Ankarolina, combines a high strength 5 metre -  25mm polyester webbing strap...
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9.50 ex. VAT   11.50
A simple but effective chain hook for quickly taking the load of the ground tackle. The slot slides over the chain and the line can be taken to a cleat or...
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64.42 ex. VAT   77.95
The Chafe-Pro® Wooly is designed to prevent fender and dock lines scuffing and scratching painted surfaces and gelcoat and to withstand the harshest of...
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