Genasun GV-5-Pb-12V MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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Military level performance for smaller systems with up to 75w solar power.

The Genasun GV-5-Pb is suitable for solar panels up to 75W (maximum voltage VOC 27V) with up to 5 amp controller output. Suitable for 12v systems with Lead-Acid, AGM, Gel, sealed and flooded batteries. An ideal controller for the smaller systems and also the 1 panel - I controller concept for maximum efficiency on larger systems with multiple panels. The Genasun GV-5 features a multi-stage charge profile with built in temperature compensation and an 5A voltage sensitive load power outlet with low voltage protection.

Industry leading High-Speed MPPT - 15 times a second!

All MPPT solar regulators share a common feature, they calculate the maximum power voltage of the solar panel for optimum results. However not all regulators are created equal. many scan the voltage range every 30 -60 seconds which is fine in static installations on a clear day. However on board a rolling sailboat in partially cloudy conditions that calculation is instantly incorrect and therefore most MPPT controllers in these conditions are always off target leading to a drop in efficiency. Genasun MPPT controllers  adapt to changing light conditions 15 times every second, they are always on target, capturing every bit of available sunshine even in the most challenging conditions.

Incredibly low power consumption

Every controller uses power. Some PWM controller use up to 9mA, the Genasun GV-5 uses only 0.15mA reducing power consumption on cloudy days and at night.

Mission-Critical Reliability with Ceramic Drive

Genasun controllers are used in the most remote locations on earth, they have more than proven their reliability during years at sea, harsh Antarctic winters, freezing conditions in the upper atmosphere on solar powered airplanes as well as off-the-map locations. Made in the USA, each controller is put through complete electrical testing to ensure reliability.
Other solar controllers have components filled with liquid electrolytes that boil off over time, causing system failure. Genasun controllers feature solid ceramic components which have no liquid, so they don’t wear out in the heat. Genasun are so confident about there components they include a 10 year warranty!

Computer-controlled, 4-Stage battery charging

Precise computer controlled charging ensures the optimal charge cycle for your battery. This increases the battery life, and maximizes battery capacity.


  • System Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Battery (Output) Current: 5A
  • Absolute Max Panel Voltage (Voc): 27V
  • Recommended Max Voc at STC: 22V
  • Minimum Battery Voltage for Normal Operation: 7.2V
  • Trickle Charge to Recover Dead (0V) Battery: Yes
  • Maximum Input Current: 9A
  • Recommended Maximum Input Short Circuit Current (for Solar Use): 5A
  • Continuous Rated Load Current: 5A
  • Operating Consumption: 0.150mA
  • Night Consumption: 0.125mA
  • Connections: 6-position terminal block for 12AWG (approx. 4mm²)
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Dimensions: 11 x 5.6 x 2.5 cm
  • Warranty: 10 years on internal components

Genasun GV-5 Contoller Manual EN (GV-5_2012_manual_1112.pdf, 269 Kb) [Download]

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