Galvanic Isolator with DC Current Display

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Cost effective solution for eliminating galvanic currents up to 1.1V and reducing electrolysis. Suitable for 120V and 230V installations, features a built in display for monitoring and testing. 

Despite having a well-designed and bonded system and correctly installed sacrificial anodes, when we connect to shore power we are creating a circuit between our own boat, the dock and other boats in the marina through the A.C. power earthing wire, an essential safety component of an A.C installation. This circuit can produce galvanic currents between dissimilar metals on board and between neighbouring boats and the mooring and can lead to corrosion damage.  Correctly installed the galvanic isolator will block galvanic currents in the shore earth connection up to 1.1V. Above this level current is allowed to pass maintaining the safety earth connection in event of a malfunction.

For almost every combination of metals likely to be found at a mooring the 1.1V maximum is sufficient to block corroding currents. With the built-in indicator we can quickly check the status of the system and in the event of a high current disconnect the shore power to prevent corrosion.

D.C. galvanic current can also be caused by other shore earth connections such as telephone & cable TV.


  • Suitable for 120/240V 50//60Hz systems
  • Available in 16A and 32A versions
  • Designed, manufactured and tested to meet ABYC. A28 standard
  • Meets requirements of British Marine Industry Federation
  • CE Marked
  • Fully encapsulated
  • RF suppression built-in
  • Analogue indicator shows any DC current flowing
  • 16A version 140mm x 55mm x 65mm
  • 32A version 165mm x 130mm x 93mm


Galvanic Isolator Installation Manual EN (Galvanic_Isolator_Manual_English.pdf, 1,484 Kb) [Download]

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