Sunware S-Series Marine Solar Panels


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Semi Flexible 4mm Marine Solar Panels with stainless backing and non slip surface.

Sunware S-SeriesSunware solar panels are designed and tested for use in marine installations and salt water. The modules are completely maintenance free, durable and weather resistant, even under extreme exposure to UV rays. Sunware S-Series have 40 solar cells. The voltage drop caused by high temperatures is easily compensated with the extra 2 volts produced by the additional 4 cells allowing the panels to be installed without rear ventilation. The semi flexible design can be installed on curved decks and other solid surfaces with up to 3 % curvature (3cm per metre). Up to 70 watts of maintenance free, clean energy per panel.

Sunware Marine Solar Panels

  • Powder coated stainless steel backing plate
  • Can be screwed or glued to a deck with up to 3% curvature
  • Only 4mm thick (15mm at the cable outlet)
  • Rounded edges prevent injury and damage
  • 40 crystalline high-capacity solar cells
  • Maximum power output even with poor ventilation
  • Marine and salt water resistant due to special laminate design
  • 100% maintenance-free and self-cleaning
  • Provided with 3m PU sheathed and weatherproof cable
  • Textured non-slip surface can be walked on with less risk
  • Each panel is tested and calibrated prior to delivery and has a 3-year performance guarantee
  • All panel types and sizes can be combined and easily connected to any type of charge regulator
  • Panels include a cell protector 

Sunware solar panels should always be fitted to a firm, inflexible surface.

Sunware S-Series 12v Standard Panels:

  SW-3061 SW-3062 SW-3063 SW-3064 SW-3065 SW-3066
Power in Watts 12 18 24 36 48 70
No of Solar Cells 40 40 40 40 40 40
Voltage Open Circuit Voc 24.6 24.0 24.0 24.6 24.0 24.0
Amps Short Circuit Isc 0.60 0.90 1.20 1.80 2.40 3.60
Amps Max Power Imp 0.60 0.80 1.10 1.70 2.20 3.30
Dimensions in mm 249x467  249x642 459x467 459x638  499x838 890x638
Weight KG  1.4  1.9 2.4 3.2  4.6  6.1 


Sunware S-Series 24v Standard Panels:

  SW-3265 SW-3266
Power in Watts 48 70
No of Solar Cells 80 80

Voltage Open Circuit Voc

48.0 48.0

Amps Short Circuit Isc

1.20 1.70
Amps at Max Power Imax 1.10 1.50
Dimensions in mm 499x838 638x890
Weight KG 4.5 6.1

Sunware 3062 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3062_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 284 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3063 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3063_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 352 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3064 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3064_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 399 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3065 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3065_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 374 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3066 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3066_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 455 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3265 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3265_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 341 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3266 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3266_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 489 Kb) [Download]

Sunware Solar Panels Installation Manual (Sunware_Solar_Panels_Installation.pdf, 744 Kb) [Download]

Sunware 3061 Data Sheet English (Sunware_3061_Data_Sheet_English.pdf, 310 Kb) [Download]

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