Solbian Flexible Marine Solar Panel Installation Options

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Solbian Factory Fitted Mounting Options (Available when ordering Solbian Solar Panels)

Structural Adhesive BackingSolbian Adhesive Backing

Suitable for solid flat surfaces, the double sided structural adhesive converts the solar panels into an integral part of the boat. The electrical connection can be made via the junction box or by direct connection to the positive and negative poles of the panels (Surface Mounting solution), contact us for further details.

Stainless Steel EyeletsSolbian Sun Power with Stainless Steel Eyelets

Fitted to the edge of the panel, eyelets allow easy installation and removal ideal allowing the panel to be secured by lines to the deck house, guard rails and Biminis. Ideal for non-permanent installations.

TenaxSolbian Sun Power Tenax Option

Probably the most versatile option. Tenax "button" fasteners offer a secure grip on the the lower male fitting, which is available either as a threaded stud/screw for mounting on fibreglass and wood or with a fabric option for attaching to Bimini and covers. The advantage of Tenax is that the male fitting can be installed easily on board without removing the bimini for sewing. A panel can also be moved easily from one location to another. Price includes 4 Tenax clips.

ZippersSolbian Sun Power Zipper Option

Sewn into the panel, the zipper option is perfect for use with Biminis and other awnings allowing a semi permanent installation which is also easy to remove.

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