SilentWind 400+ Marine Wind Generator

Includes the Hybrid Boost Controller
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Small, lightweight, efficient and very quiet 400w marine wind generator, with Hybrid Boost controller.

Silentwind Marine Wind GeneratorsBuilding on the success of the extremely popular Silent Power Blades and the original Silentwind, the SilentWind 400+ marine wind generator features a larger deflector and an additional body bearing providing improved efficiency, earlier start-up and better wind tracking. New for 2016 is the hybrid boost controller, a revolution for small wind generators allowing even lower start up speeds, trickle charging and thanks to the hybrid design allows connection of up to 20 amps of solar power for an all in one solution.

As fitted to all boats in the Volvo Ocean Race, see the Volvo Ocean Race Video for more information.

Silentwind 400+Aerodynamics from the aviation industry
- By using wind tunnel testing and advanced aerodynamics combined with a three phase permanent magnet generator, with Neodymium-Iron–Boron-(NDFeB) magnets, the Silentwind 400+ and Hybrid 1000 achieve an incredibly low start up speed of only 2.2m/s ( less than 4.3 knots) as well as a top output of 420w at only 1350 RPM, 30% less rotation speed than other 400w generators.

Silent Power Blades included as standard
 - Includes the incredibly quiet Silent Power Blades. Hand laminated, UV-resistant carbon blades, successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122 km/h (5480 rpm, with close to speed of sound at the blade tips). Almost silent with 70% less noise compared to other generators. This specially shows up in the frequency range between 1 and 12.5 kHz, that is most disturbing to human ears.
See Our Comparison video.

High Tech Hybrid Boost Charge Controller

Boost-Function: The adjustable boost function increases performance and optimizes the power yield, in light winds an earlier start of charging is guaranteed and an increase in performance is also possible in high wind regions.

Bluetooth-Function: The controller has a a built-in backlit LCD display showing all system parameters. This data can also be displayed on Android and IOS devices via a Bluetooth connection. Using this connection, system set-up and adjustments can also be done from a mobile device

Multi-stage charge process: After reaching the set charge voltage, the controller will switch to trickle charge mode, allowing a true 100% charge and avoiding battery discharge. Batteries are maintained in this full charge condition without the risk of gassing, an ideal solution for long battery life. The charge end voltage is adjustable for all battery types including Lithium.

Stop function: When the batteries are fully charged, the Silentwind automatically stops or switches to trickle charge mode with a significant reduction in RPM. The Silentwind can also be stopped manually with the built in switch on the Boost Controller. Additionally the controller allows connection of a separate stop switch, which can be positioned in a convenient location such as the cockpit or switching panel. An LED illuminates when in brake mode.

Military grade components: By using certified military electronic components, the Boost Controller is insensitive to extreme temperatures, and remains stable even with electromagnetic interference.

Marine aluminium powder coated body
- The compact aluminium body of the Silentwind is both lightweight and wind tunnel optimized for minimum noise. The elegant design will not look out of place even on the most stylish yachts.

Voted Best Choice by Skipper 
- Voted as the best choice for all wind conditions.

Real world testing in the Caribbean

Silentwind Boost Controller Power Curve

Compare these figures to other units:

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Air Breeze 200W

Silentwind 400+ technical details:

  • Generator type: Permanent magnet generator, 3 phase, Neodymium-magnets
  • System voltage 12, 24 and 48 VDC models
  • Rated Power Output: 420 watts
  • Start up Wind Speed: 4.27 Knots (2.2 m/s)
  • Start up Charging: 4.9 Knots (2.5 m/s)
  • Charging Indicator: LED-blue, on the underside of generator body
  • High Wind Speed Test: 65 knots with no problems
  • Rotor Diameter: 1.15m
  • Blade weight: 150g per blades (low centrifugal force)
  • Blade Material: Carbon Fibre CFK, Hand laminated
  • Rotation Speed: 480 - 1420 rpm
  • Color: White RAL 9010, powder coated
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Packaging: 780mm x 400mm x 210mm 10 Kg

Hybrid Boost Controller technical details:

  • More information soon.
238.84 ex. VAT   289.00
High-tech carbon fibre rotor blades for the Silentwind and Air Series* wind generators. Silent Power Blades ( SPB ) were designed by a German...
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19.01 ex. VAT   23.00
Replacement nose cone for the Silentwind marine wind generator. Also suitable as an upgrade for the Air-X wind generator (see note). Compatible with both...
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53.68 ex. VAT   64.95
Replacement blade hub for Silentwind marine generator from Spreco. Also compatible with the Air-X Marine and Air-X land and suitable for installing Silent...
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247.11 ex. VAT   299.00
All the fittings required to install a mast mount onboard, except the poles and bolts! As stainless steel tubing is available worldwide...
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46.61 ex. VAT   56.40
High amperage thermal circuit breakers from Blue Sea Systems. Trip Free - designed to trip even if the reset lever is held in the on position. Self...
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16.49 ex. VAT   19.95
Waterproof cable gland ideal for VHF, AIS, GPS Radar and other antennas. The Blue Sea Systems CableClam are manufactured from UV-Stabilized Thermoplastic...
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23.10 ex. VAT   27.95
Waterproof cable gland ideal for VHF, AIS, GPS Radar and other antennas. The Blue Sea Systems CableClam are manufactured from UV-Stabilized Thermoplastic...
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9.05 ex. VAT   10.95
High quailty single core tinned extension cable with MC4 (PV-ST01) quick connect plugs for solar panels. The cables have 1 x Male MC4 plug and 1...
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Silentwind 400+ Data Sheet EN (Silentwind_400__Data_Sheet_EN.pdf, 31 Kb) [Download]

Silentwind 400+ Manual EN (Silentwind_400__Manual_EN.pdf, 767 Kb) [Download]

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