Spinlock Rope Clutches & Cleats

33.02 ex. VAT   39.95
Ultra compact low profile roller action camcleat for easy release of high performance control lines and mainsheets. Alloy cam and base...
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42.15 ex. VAT   51.00
Much smaller than a Powerclutch yet more powerful than a clam cleat, the SUA Mini Jammer is compatible with line diameters from 6 - 10mm and a safe working...
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60.33 ex. VAT   73.00
Universal multi role clutch with excellent performance across a wide range of rope diameters. Ideal for racing yachts up to 27’ and cruising...
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98.35 ex. VAT   119.00
Mid load Powerclutch specified as standard on production yachts worldwide. An ideal choice for larger cruising and racing yachts both inshore and offshore....
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96.28 ex. VAT   116.50
Spinlock XTR Alloy / Composite Power Clutch with ground breaking Reactor Module. Unlike other clutches in which the cam moves against the fixed...
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156.20 ex. VAT   189.00
The mechanism of the XCS range of clutches is identical to the XTS range, but the XCS has an alloy body for extra durability and performance. Available in...
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