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From the designer of the Spade and Sword Anchors, the Raya anchor is the latest of what could be considered the new generation of anchors. By concentrating most of the weight of the anchor at the tip, the Raya anchor significantly increases penetration and by increasing the surface area of the fluke, once set, the Raya anchor has a significant increase in holding power compared to other anchors of similar weight, designed to meet the needs for extreme mooring conditions of the Antarctic, Patagonia channels and Tierra del Fuego, as well as the heavenly conditions of Bahia de Todos los Santos, the “high security ”anchor Raya will ensure you quiet nights at anchor, whatever the grounds or the weather conditions.

With the  increase in surface area and the concentration of weight at the tip, the design enables the use of a smaller anchor for the same holding power or an increase in holding power for a given weight, making the Raya anchor a perfect choice for those of us wanting to upgrade our ground tackle.

See the Selection Guide in Manuals & Downloads

From the designer........

  •  A better penetration.

Even an anchor that holds miraculously will not work well if it is not initially planted deeply and correctly in sea-beds: 

The raya anchor is the first and only asymmetrical anchor in the world which has only two positions of steady balance. Whichever way it is released, it lands on sea-beds in an initial right or left side position of penetration, ready to immediately plant deeply and correctly.(other anchors remain in balance on their backs or in a vertical position, slowing their penetration.)

The sharp edged tip is optimally designed and weighted to easily penetrate in the most difficult conditions. It has been successfully tested from the difficult channels of Patagonia, to the complex herbaria of kelp and moraine grounds coming from the Andean glaciers.

To dig itself in deeply, the shape of the fluke must allow the evacuation of sea bed materials backwards. If not, on certain grounds, it tends to become clogged, and then break out by the shearing of the ground.

The fluke of the Raya anchor is made up of a portion of cone, pointed at the tip and gradually widening on the back. This patented design does not restrict the evacuation of materials, allowing deep and rapid penetration.  

  • A better holding.

A deep-set anchor must also fulfill some criteria to ensure a high holding:

The anchor must be stable and not break-free in rotation

The shape of the fluke must allow the evacuation of materials backwards, if not, on certain grounds, it tends to become clogged and then to break out by shearing of the ground. The fluke of the Raya anchor is made up of a portion of cone, pointed at the tip and widening gradually on the back of the fluke, without any restriction to the evacuation of materials. (Patented)

The shape of the fluke in portion of cone ensures a maximum holding.

Whether on mud in the estuaries, in sand or as far as the difficult grounds of moraine, kelp covered of the channels of Patagonia, the holding has always been excellent.

In the event of a wind or current shift, the anchor swivels on the spot without breaking free. Its frequent use in the muddy anchorages located in rivers estuary, with cyclic inversion of the direction of the current according to the variation of the tides, confirms this characteristic.

Lastly, the possibility of easily modifying the towing angle from 32° to 40°, tremendously increases the holding in soft mud bottoms

Its various characteristics make the Raya anchor, the anchor of choice for those who have to anchor under difficult or extreme conditions, and a high safety anchor for standard anchoring. 

  • A reduced weight

The removal of the ballast peculiar to certain anchors and of cumbersome accessories such as struts or "roll bar" peculiar to other models, made it possible to optimize the ratio holding surface area / weight.

At equal surface area, the anchor is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 lighter than its competitors, which makes it equally effective in reducing the harmful weight on the stem, or at equal weight, to have an oversized anchor giving a better holding safety. 

  • A greater facility of use.

The Raya anchor was also designed for your comfort and its facility of use:

It is self-launched as soon as one releases the mooring line and can’t be retrieved in an upside down position (automatic reversal).

It will set on the bow roller without obstructing the headsail reefing systems

It does not come to strike the boat stem.

The specific shape of the shank ensures its blocking on the bow roller at the time of navigation.

At the time of the retrieval of the anchor, thanks to its shape in portion of cone, the fluke is self-cleaning and can rid itself free from sea-beds material (mud). 

  •  An ecological anchor.

The Raya anchor does not use any toxic metals (lead).

The anchor penetrates very quickly in the sea bottom without sliding and with the least possible disruption to the Posidonia areas.  

  • Design features and manufacturing.

The quality of an anchor is also the care brought to it by its manufacturing.

Each constituting part of the anchor is made out of high strength steel and is cut out in workshops with rigorous precision by a cnc machine perfectly reproducing a computerized plan.

Each anchor is then assembled on a positioning jig, guaranteeing the perfect positioning of all the constituent parts, the welding are carried out by highly qualified teams guaranteeing a perfect solidity.

Carefully finished, the anchors undergo a final treatment of hot dip galvanization in a zinc bath in fusion, in order to protect them from corrosion in saline medium.

Undergoing a last quality control, each anchor will then be stored while waiting to join the stem of your boat.

Raya Anchor Selection Guide English (anchor-raya-selection-guide.jpg, 88 Kb) [Download]

Guia de Selección Ancla Raya en Español (guia-seleccion-ancla-raya.jpg, 52 Kb) [Download]

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