Optolamp Amazonia Mirim III - LED Navigation Light


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24V Power Adapter Available in Parts & Accesories
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Optolamp Amazonia Mirim Compact 5 in1 LED Navigation Light

  • Tri-colour navigation light
  • Anchor light
  • Strobe light
  • Fast Strobe light
  • Bi-Dimensional vertical beam for emergency situations with a range of 4.3 NM.

Consumes 16 times less energy than a conventional light.

The development and design of the OPTOLAMP® product line was based on the requirements of round the world sailing events such as the Vendee Globe and Route du Rhum, where low energy consumption and reliability in all weather conditions is essential. The development of the new compact model Amazonia Mirim is the result of 12 years experience in LED navigation lights.

The Amazonia Mirim features TDPS System (True Dual Power Supply). Two power systems in one: a system for the anchor light and another one for the independent tri-colour light give the redundancy required for peace of mind. The electronic controller circuit is sealed for life by encapsulation in resin providing moisture, shock and vibration proofing for the life of the unit. Maximum light intensity is achieved even with discharged batteries. Maximum stable light intensity within a voltage range from 10.6V to 14,4V and a reduced output as low as 9.5V. It can work approximately 44 nights with a 12V/75A battery. The latest generation of electronic circuit protects against tension peaks in the boat’s electrical system as well as reverse polarity. A photo sensitive cell switches on-off automatically at dawn, at night and during storms or fog (Anchor Light and Strobe functions only).

Now Available in two models for simple installation.

SW Model: Ingeniously uses only 2 wires for Tricolor and Anchor Light functions. The included 3 position mini mode selection switch reverses the connections to the lamp providing both functions with a two core wire, a typical pre existing anchor light installation. The SW model allows quick installation without running new cables through the mast. Adding a third wire adds the Strobe Light function or Fast Strobe Light with the included mini on off switch. A fourth wire allows either strobe function, although a third switch would be required. A standard anchor light 2 core wire provides both nav and anchor light functions allowing upgrade to 3 or 4 core wire when convenient. Both the 3 position mini mode switch and the mini on off switch need to be connected directly to the cables running to the lamp.

Classic Model: Uses 4 wires for Tricolor, Anchor, Strobe Light and Fast Strobe Light. Although the Classic model requires running more wires to the masthead it simplifies installation below decks allowing installation with the pre existing standard on-off boat panel switches. Most panels already have anchor light switches and possibly tri color light switches and spare switches can be used for the strobe light functions if required.

Due to the very low power usage, low gauge wire is perfectly suitable.

Multi-Core Thin Walled Cable

See the Multi-Core Thin Walled Cable for 3, 4 and 5 core small diameter cable.

Technical Information:

  • Height: 130 mm
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Installation base: Anodized Aluminium (60mm x 80mm)
  • Power source: 10,6V to 14,4V (12v Version)
  • Consumption: (12V) UBC® Ultra Low Consumption - Anchor Light: 0,126A to 0,156A - NAV Light: 0,156A
  • Light source: Electronic emission
  • LED-Lamp Life: 50000 Hs
  • Lens: Polycarbonate, UV protection
  • Horizontal Range: 2,0
  • Vertical Range: up to 4,3 NM
  • Maximum Light intensity: between 10,6V and 14,4V (start at 9,5V)
  • Maintenance free: Led lights don’t have a filament to break or burnt out
  • Fully sealed for life. Shock and Vibration proof. WARRANTY: 2 years

2 x Microswitches includedThe SW Model includes 2 micro switches for mode selection and strobe.

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24 Volt power adapter for the Optolamp Amazonia, Sirius & NAV XXI LED navigation lights. Allows the lights to be connected to 24 volts systems.
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Surface mount pre-wired 3 way switch allows mode selection and on/off control of the Optolamp Amazonia Mirim 5 in 1 LED Navigation light. The Optolamp...
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Panel mount waterproof pre-wired 3 way switch allows mode selection and on/off control of the Optolamp Sirius LX LED Anchor light. The Optolamp SW-210 is...
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Multi core low gauge electrical cable for use with low voltage/amperage installations such as electronics, LED lights etc. Features a thin outer wall...
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Optolamp Amazonia Mirim Installation Manual SW Model EN (Optolamp_Amazonia_Mirim_Installation_Manual_EN.pdf, 69 Kb) [Download]

Optolamp Amazonia Mirim Installation Model Classic Manual EN (, 0) [Download]

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