Icom MA-500TR AIS Transponder, GPS Receiver & Display

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ICOM MA-500TR + MXG5000
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Waterproof, compact, dual channel AIS receiver (receives both Class A and Class B AIS signals on two channels simultaneously) and Class B Transponder with large backlit full dot-matrix display giving real-time vessel traffic information, a complete AIS solution and backup navigation device in one small package with the quality and reliabilty of the Icom brand.

The MA-500TR can work independently or connect with a PC or other marine network equipment. When connected to the Icom IC-M423 VHF, an individual DSC call can be made easily from the MA-500TR. 

Class B AIS transponder
Vessel information is automatically transmitted with 30 second or 3 minutes intervals at 2W output power depending on the movement/speed of the vessel. The MA-500TR receives dual AIS channels (Ch. 87B and Ch. 88B) simultaneously and receives both Class A and Class B AIS information. 

Simple Intuitive Operation
The MA-500TR has three basic display types; Plotter, Target list and Danger list. The “Display mode” button allows you to toggle between these display types. In addition to these displays, the detail screen shows information about the selected AIS target.  

  • Plotter Display - similar to a radar display, north-up and course up and zoom from 0.125 NM to 24 NM.
  • Target List - shows all detected AIS equipped vessels and targets
  • Danger List - shows a list of vessels within 6NM CPA and 60 min TCPA

Individual DSC call
The MA-500TR can be integrated with the Icom IC-M423 allowing you to transmit DSC individual calls to a selected vessel instantly without manual MMSI entry.

Included MX-5000 12 Channel GPS receiver
The MX-5000 GPS receiver is a 12 channel parallel GPS receiver with SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) function. The POS (position) smoothing and SOG (speed over ground) smoothing adjustment can be set for the vessel position and speed information. 

100 Waypoint Memory and MOB Function
The MA-500TR can store up to 100 waypoints with a 10-character name in the waypoint list. The Man Over Board “MOB” button allows you to set a waypoint on your current position instantly on the plotter display.

Full dot-matrix display
128mm x128mm dot-matrix large display shows real-time traffic information and works independently from a PC or other marine network equipment. The display has adjustable backlight and contrast. With the waypoint and MOB functions and included GPS receiver the MA-500TR also serves as a backup navigation device.

IPX7 waterproof protection
Waterproof protection equivalent to the IPX7 standard (Except connectors). The MA-500TR can withstand submersion in one metre of water for up to thirty minutes. 

3-line NMEA input/output
The MA-500TR has 15-pin D-SUB connector providing 3-lines of NMEA input/output on the rear panel. The supplied NMEA connector cable simplifies installation and connection to VHF radio and other navigation equipment. NMEA1 and NMEA3 ports are programmable from 4,800 bps to 38,400 bps, NMEA2 port is fixed to 38,400 bps.

Transmitted Static Data:
  • MMSI code
  • Vessel name
  • Call sign
  • Type of ship
  • GPS antenna position 
Transmitted Dynamic Data:
  • Ship's position 
  • SOG (Speed over ground) 
  • COG (Course over ground)
  • UTC date and time
  • GPS antenna type (Internal/external)
  • PA (Position Accuracy) 
Other features:
  • Safety-related message reception
  • Self diagnostics function (Monitor test and transponder test)
  • Flush mount installation with optional MB-75 flush mount kit
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Icom MA-500TR Manual English (Icom_MA-500TR_Manual_English.pdf, 4,039 Kb) [Download]

Icom MA-500TR Brochure English (Icom_MA-500TR_Brochure_English.pdf, 1,638 Kb) [Download]

Icom MA-500TR Folleto Español (Icom_MA-500TR_Folleto_Español.pdf, 974 Kb) [Download]

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