Marine Solar Panels & Accesories

High efficiency monocrystalline marine solar panels for clean & silent energy onboard.
Semi flexible options for deck mounting and light weight flexible options for mounting on sprayhoods and biminis.
We only offer the highest quality products from 
Solbian, Solara & Sunware.
321.49 ex. VAT  289.34 ex. VAT   350.10 (-10%)
Thin, lightweight and rugged semi flexible marine solar panels. The Solara M-series marine solar panels are one of the most popular panels...
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271.90 ex. VAT   329.00
Flexible solar panel with built in MPPT regulator, just connect the output cable to your batteries! In innovative solar solution from Solbian. The...
10 days (approx.)

230.58 ex. VAT   279.00
Flexible ultra-light, ultra-thin  Polycrystalline  solar panels from Solbian featuring Full Square solar cells. The Solbian SXp series...
14 days (approx.)

318.49 ex. VAT  271.90 ex. VAT   329.00 (-15%)
The new Solara M-Series marine solar panels. Building on 20 years success with the original series, Solara has redesigned the M-Series for...
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288.43 ex. VAT  259.59 ex. VAT   314.10 (-20%)
Semi Flexible 4mm Marine Solar Panels with  stainless backing and non slip surface. Sunware solar panels are d esigned and tested for use in...
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404.13 ex. VAT   489.00
Ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-efficient and flexible! Top of the Solbian range, the Solbian SunPower solar panels use back-contact crystalline...
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660.33 ex. VAT   799.00
Maximum performance even under extreme conditions The new Power M-series marine solar panels form Solara offer incredible performance due to their...
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16.00 ex. VAT  12.31 ex. VAT   14.90 (-23%)
Replacement cell protector for the Solara M-series semi flexible solar panels.
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9.05 ex. VAT   10.95
High quailty single core tinned extension cable with MC4 (PV-ST01) quick connect plugs for solar panels. The cables have 1 x Male MC4 plug and 1...
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4.67 ex. VAT   5.65
Black plastic fixing clips for Sunware and Solara semi flexible marine solar panels. Provides an alternative to drilling through the panel and/or as...
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28.51 ex. VAT   34.50
Polished stainless steel deck plate with male and female (positive & negative) MC4 connectors. Elegant solution for easily installing solar panels...
7 days (approx.)
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23.97 ex. VAT   29.00
Dual socket MC4-Y connectors allow two solar panels to be connected in parallel and feature quick connect male and female plugs. Suitable for use with...
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