Digital Yacht AIS100 Dual Channel AIS Receiver

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Cost effective dual channel AIS receiver with absolutely no compromise on performance. 

The AIS100 features true dual channel technology outperforming all other, inferior, single channel receivers. Typically receives (depending on installation) all AIS targets within approx. 30 miles of your boat, essential for navigation in high comercial traffic zones and for peace of mind when navigating in fog and at night. 

Available in 4 versions:

NMEA 0183

High speed NMEA output (38,400 baud) for connecting to AIS compatible chart plotters with NMEA 0183 input.


Easily add AIS to your PC based navigation software. Uses standard drivers built-in to Windows and is automatically mapped to an available “virtual” com port, which your PC software can read. Also compatible with Mac OS X and all LINUX Kernels since V2.4.20. Ideal for use with latest PC based navigation software such as SmarterTrack, MaxSea, SeaPro, Nobeltec and RosePoint etc.

PRO NMEA 0183 + USB + Multiplexor

The AIS100 Pro has both NMEA0183 and USB output capability, allowing you to supply AIS data to a PC via USB and a dedicated plotter via NMEA 0183. Connect the NMEA (4800 baud) output of your GPS to the AIS100Pro and it will automatically multiplex the slower GPS data with the high speed AIS data and transmit everything on the high speed NMEA output at 38,400 baud. Perfect for connection to a chart plotter with only a single NMEA input.

USB + QMax Antenna

A simple way to add AIS to PC based navigation software without a permanent installation. The AIS100USB is self powered from the USB port on your PC or MAC so no additional power source is required. It includes a QMax compact 25cm VHF antenna with suction cup mounts and 4 metres of cable. A very easy non permanet installation for use almost anywhere.


  • Low cost entry level AIS receiver
  • High performance dual-channel AIS receiver
  • High Speed NMEA output (38,400 baud) (NMEA versions only)
  • USB Interface for simple Plug and Play connection to a PC (USB versions only)
  • Supplied with Qmax compact 25cm VHF antenna with sucker cup mount (QMax version only)
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution

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