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SilentWind Marine 400w Wind Generator

SilentWind Marine 400w Wind Generator

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Safe - Quiet - Efficient - Building on the success of the extremely popular Silent Power Blades and the original Silentwind,  Spreco has introduced the new designed SilentWind 400+ marine wind generator with improved efficiency, earlier start-up and better wind tracking with a larger deflector and additional body bearing. High efficiency at all wind speeds and very low noise.

Aerodynamics from the aviation industry - By using wind tunnel testing and advanced aerodynamics combined with a three phase permanent magnet generator, with Neodymium-Iron–Boron-(NDFeB) magnets, the Silentwind achieves an incrediblly low start up speed of only 2.2m/s ( less than 4.3 knots) as well as a top output of 400w at only 1350 RPM, 30% less than other 400w generators.

Silent Power blades included as standard - Includes the incredibly popular Silent Power Blades. Hand laminated, UV-resistant carbon blades, successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122km/h (5480 rpm, with close to speed of sound at the blade tips). Almost silent with 70% less noise compared to other generators. This specially shows up in the frequency range between 1 and 12.5 kHz, that is most disturbing to  human ears.

External Hybrid Regulator, up to 100W of Solar Panels -  Silentwind features an external hybrid regulator with built in start/stop switch and multifunction LCD display for simultaneous use with both the Silentwind generator and up to 100 watts of solar panels, simplifying installation and cost on boats with both wind and solar power. The LCD display shows all relevant charging information and is adjustable for lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries. 

Marine Aluminium powder coated body - Wind tunnel optimized for less noise.

Voted Best Choice - Skipper has voted the Silentwind as the best choice for all wind conditions. For an independent comparison of most wind generators currently available, see the following link. Tests performed on actual boats in real world conditions in the Caribbean.


Air Breeze Marine Monthly Energy OutputUsing a 12.5 volts conversion rate, we can compare output based on average wind.

7 knots - 830 Ah/month - 27 Ah/day

10 knots - 1790 Ah/month - 58 Ah/day

15 knots - 4460 Ah/month - 144 Ah/day

20 knots - 8600 Ah/month - 280 Ah/day

Compare these figures to other units:

Air-X Marine 400w - Air Breeze Marine 200W


Silentwind technical details:

  • Generator type: Permanent magnet generator, 3 phase, Neodymium-magnets
  • System voltage 12/24 VDC 
  • Rated Power Output: 400 Watt @ 26.24 knots (13.5 m/s)
  • Start up Wind Speed: 4.27 Knots (2.2 m/s)
  • Start up Charging: 5.83 Knots (3 m/s)
  • Charging Indicator: LED-blue, on the underside of generator body
  • High Wind Speed Test: 65 knots with no problems
  • Rotor Diamter (No. of Blades): 1.15m (3)
  • Blade weight: 140g per blades (low centrifugal force)
  • Blade Material: Carbon Fibre CFK, Hand laminated
  • Rotation Speed: 480 - 1420 rpm
  • Color: White RAL 9010, powder coated
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Packaging: 740mm x 370mm x 220mm 9.8 Kg

Included Hybrid Controller technical details:

  • Built in Stop Switch
  • System voltage 12/24 VDC 
  • Max. power input wind generator 600 W 
  • Max  current input wind generator 30 A 
  • Max  power input solar 150 Wp 
  • Max  current input solar 10 A 
  • Max . open circuit voltage input solar 50 VDC 
  • Multi-function display & LED indication V, A, P, kWh, AH, consumer load info
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dmensions 190 x 120 x 65 mm 1.15 Kg


246.00 ex. VAT  230.58 ex. VAT   279.00 (-6%)
High-tech carbon fibre replacement rotor blades for the Silentwind, Air-X, Air Breeze* and Air 403 wind generators. Silent Power Blades ( SPB ) by...
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19.01 ex. VAT   23.00
New improved nose cone for the Silentwind marine generator from Spreco. Also suitable as an upgrade for the Air-X wind generator (see note). Compatible...
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53.68 ex. VAT   64.95
Replacement blade hub for Silentwind marine generator from Spreco. Also compatible with the Air-X Marine and Air-X land and suitable for installing Silent...
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202.48 ex. VAT   245.00
Primus Windpower
Stainless Steel hardware for stern mounting the Air-X and Air Breeze Marine generator also suitable for the Silentwind marine generator from Spreco....
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Silentwind Generator Manual English (Silentwind_Generator_Manual_EN.pdf, 1,381 Kb) [Download]

Hybrid Regulator Manual English (Hybrid_Regulator_Manual_EN.pdf, 617 Kb) [Download]

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